Web development

From a marketer's point of view, a website is a tool for turning incoming traffic into leads or sales. The most important thing about the site is the content and ease of navigation. It is for them that the visitor comes, and only they make the sale.
Many business owners spend unreasonably much time choosing colors and shades, to the detriment of working on content and convenience. Believe me, if you are not a popular social network, then the visitor does NOT CARE what your design is. Unless, of course, it prevents you from reading information or choosing a product.

Website or online store development is 20% cheaper!

Please contact us if you are attracted to our creative services or if you would like to talk about the future needs of the project.


We carefully analyze the business objectives before proceeding with the design. Therefore, you will receive exactly the tool that will most effectively retain visitors and make sales.
Web development is divided into two areas: frontend and backend. The difference between them is in the parts of the project they work on.

The frontend developer deals with the client side of the site - the one that the user sees in the browser. With the help of code, he implements the idea that the designer laid down in the layout. For example, it can develop a shopping cart function in an online store.

The backend developer creates the backend of the site and works with databases and functions for processing information on the server. He can be responsible for authorization, payment processing, and work with mail notifications. For example, an administrative panel can be created for an online store to manage the assortment of products in the catalog.

The full stack developer (from the English full stack - "full set") is strong in both directions. He handles both the client and server side of the site. Participates in the entire web development cycle and is familiar with the main languages, technologies and frameworks for both the frontend and backend.

So, what types of jobs do we offer?


  • A one-page landing page is perfect for a simple and concise business proposal, a new product, or as a landing page for a marketing campaign. It is ideal for contextual and targeted advertising, but unsuitable for SEO.
  • Corporate website. Your representative office on the Internet. There can be a detailed presentation of the company, a portfolio, a catalog of goods and services, personal accounts of distributors, video reviews and a travel map. It is suitable for both SEO promotion and contextual and targeted advertising.
  • Online store. A modern store website is not only an online showcase with a shopping cart and payment, but also a center for synchronizing the nomenclature and product balances in various marketplaces, transferring customer data to CRM, a point of collection of information about customers to form advertising audiences and many other functions. Any method of promotion and advertising is suitable for an online store.


We select search queries for promotion that lead to an interested target audience, for example, with the words: order, buy, price. The “hot” visitors who came to them give a high conversion rate.



Sites become outdated, break down and no longer meet the requirements. Therefore:

We'll fix it. Let's move it to another platform. We'll finalize it. We optimize it. We will add sections, filters, descriptions, categories, languages, payment, menus. We will repaint and rewrite if necessary. Whatever His Majesty the Marketer wants.



  • Delivery
  • Payments
  • Marketplace
  • Classifieds
  • Maps and reference books
  • Web analytics, call tracking and end-to-end analytics systems
  • Chat rooms and online consultants
  • CRM systems
  • Types and uploads for advertising systems
  • Warehouse programs


The site is a software package that requires regular maintenance. Prevention will be much cheaper than urgent repairs. In addition, marketing tasks often require regular edits. We also remember about emergency situations. Alter Ego Marketing removes all technical issues from you, and you can focus on developing your business. The service package usually includes the following types of work:

Regular updating of CMS software components (site management system).
  • Hosting the site on your own hosting, or monitoring the customer's hosting, including reminders about timely payment.
  • Round-the-clock monitoring of the site's performance and recovery in case of failures.
  • Control of domain payment and connected services – certificates, privacy protection, paid components, etc.
  • Regular anti-virus check and treatment.
  • Creation of backups and prompt recovery if necessary.
  • Making edits: to the site code, placing banners and information about promotions, changing design elements, adding pages and posting new content.
  • Consulting and monthly reporting.


SEO makes other advertising channels more effective by working on improving the selling and commercial properties of the site.

Technical SEO audit

The lead time is 5-10 days
The lead time is 5-10 days$500.00 $150.00
  • Checking the site for compliance with the requirements of search engines.
  • Evaluation of the technical part of the site.
  • Evaluation of the correctness of meta tags (Title, Description, H1), page-by-page optimization, linking, indexing, etc.
  • Evaluation of usability and ease of navigation on the site.

A comprehensive

The period up to the 1st results: 1-3 months.
The period up to the 1st results: 1-3 months.of $1650.00
  • SEO audit.
  • Preparation of a plan and monthly performance of work
  • on internal and external optimization.
  • Editing meta tags (Title, Description, H1).
  • Work in Google and Google Search Console (registration of a company in the directory, assignment of a region
  •  and other settings).
  • Writing unique and useful articles.
  • Link building: posting materials on third-party resources with links to your site.

The timing of website development -
each stage requires separate attention

technical specification

It takes about 1 week to prepare the technical task (site project) for calculating the cost of the site for a small site, for example, a quiz site or a landing page. It takes 2-3 weeks for an average site volume, such as a corporate or online store, and it takes more than 4 weeks for large sites, media portals or social networks.
prototype development

The duration of prototyping is 2-3 weeks. This is the foundation for any website that consists of the structure of the site's pages, sections, blocks, the location of text, images, and buttons. The prototype is made in 2D black and white format. Time costs may vary depending on the technical task.
creating a design

Over the next 1-2 months, a visual design is created that is responsible for the first impression of any site, from a variety of corporate sites to dynamic online stores. The designer must pay attention to every detail in order to provide a unique and attractive visual site.
layout and programming

At the stage of layout and programming, which takes 1-3 months, the design turns into a functioning website. Regardless of whether we are working on a corporate website, landing page or online store, we ensure high performance and adaptability on all devices.
testing and bug-fix

The site is being tested for 2-3 weeks to ensure its reliability and functionality. The timing strongly depends on the volume and functionality of the site. This stage is important for all types of sites – from shops to quizzes, as we carefully check each element to prevent any errors.
content and integration

The time spent on filling the site and connecting integrations ranges from 1 week to 2-3 months, sometimes longer. A lot depends on the services that need to be integrated, for example, CRM system, warehouse system, acquiring bank. And the type and amount of content that needs to be added to the site is also strongly influenced.

Are you having trouble choosing a fare?

we will select the most effective one for your business





Suitable for small sites with low competition.


For companies in medium to highly competitive niches.


For complex projects in niches with higher and more complex competitiveness.

от 10 hours a month
1- Account manager

  • - Landing Page Development Landing Page (1 page)
  • - Mobile Optimization
  • - Facebook and Instagram Account Creation
  • - Basic SEO Optimization
  • - Design: Logo and Overall Design
  • - Technical Support (email) - 10 hours per month
  • - Monthly Traffic Report
  • - Minimal Analytics Analysis
  • - Completion Time 1 to 3 days

от 20 hours a month
1- Account manager

  • - Website Development (up to 5-7 pages)
  • - Mobile Optimization
  • - Responsive Design
  • - Facebook, Instagram and Twitter Account Creation
  • - Advanced SEO Optimization
  • - Free Domain Selection
  • - Design: Logo, Overall Design and Custom Design
  • - Technical Support - Technical Support (email and chat) - 20 hours per month
  • - Monthly Traffic and Conversion Report
  • - Intermediate Analytics Analysis
  • - Completion Time 3 to 5 days

от 40 hours a month
1- Account manager

  • - Full-fledged Corporate Website Development
  • - SEO Optimization (keywords and content)
  • - Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and LinkedIn Account Creation
  • - Advanced SEO Optimization
  • - Free Domain Selection
  • - Competitor Analysis
  • - Design: Logo, Overall Design, Custom Design and Brandbook Creation
  • - Technical Support (email, chat and phone) - 30 hours per month
  • - Monthly Traffic and Conversion Report
  • - Monthly Website Analysis and Recommendations for Improvement
  • - Advanced Analytics and Optimization Analysis
  • - Completion Time 7 to 15 days


For complex projects in highly competitive niches.

"E-commerce Guru"

Project team:
Account manager, promotion manager, SEO specialist, web analyst, content manager.
Developer and copywriter if necessary.

"Individual services"

Project team:
Account manager, promotion manager, SEO specialist, web analyst, content manager.
Developer and copywriter if necessary.

от 75+ hours a month
2- Account manager + SEO specialist

  • - "Premium" Corporate Website Development
  • - Interactive Web Application Development (on request)
  • - Full Range of SEO and SMM Services
  • - Free Domain Selection
  • - Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn and Pinterest Account Creation
  • - Detailed Competitor Analysis
  • - Design: Logo, Overall Design, Custom Design, Brandbook and Print Design Creation
  • - Technical Support (24/7) - 40 hours per month
  • - Monthly Traffic and Conversion Report
  • - Monthly Website Analysis and Recommendations for Improvement
  • - Full Analytics Analysis, Optimization and Promotion
  • - Completion Time 15 to 45 days

от 95+ hours a month
3+ Account Manager+SEO Specialist, Web Analyst

  • - Online Store Creation and Optimization
  • - Content and Product Catalog Management
  • - Full Range of SEO and SMM Services
  • - SEO and Product Advertising
  • - Competitor and Market Analysis
  • - Detailed Competitor Analysis and Report
  • - Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest and YouTube Account Creation
  • - Design: Logo, Overall Design, Custom Design, Brandbook and Print Design Creation
  • - Technical Support (on request) - 50 hours per month
  • - Monthly Traffic and Lead Conversion Report
  • - Monthly Analysis and Recommendations for Sales Improvement
  • - Regular Product Sales and Conversion Reports
  • - Full Analytics Analysis, Optimization and Global Promotion
  • - Completion Time 15 to 65 days

от 125+ hours a month
5+- Account manager

$Let’s Talk/month
  • 1. Creation , refinement and optimization of e-commerce store websites:

  • ◦ Analysis of the current state of the site
  • ◦ Optimization of the user interface and experience
  • Improved page loading speed
  • ◦ Implementation of additional functionality
  • 2. Creating an individual website and design:

  • ◦ Advice on preferences and style
  • ◦ Development of a unique design that meets the customer's brand
  • An iterative process of discussion and correction
  • 3. Design, logo and brandbook development:

  • Exploring brand values and goals
  • Creating a logo reflecting the brand identity
  • ◦ Development of a brandbook with an indication of the color scheme, typography and styles
  • 4. Customized analytics, SEO, SMM services:

  • ◦ Specific data analysis according to customer needs
  • ◦ Provision of individual reports and analytical data
  • Development of custom algorithms and tools
  • 5. Individual promotion services:

  • ◦ Development of personalized promotion strategies
  • ◦ Integration of individual solutions into the overall marketing plan
  • Conducting targeted campaigns according to unique needs
  • The deadline is negotiated individually



Full SEO promotion

The classic version of the service for displaying the necessary search queries in the TOP. It includes a full cycle of site optimization work in accordance with the requirements of search engines.
  • Detailed analysis of competitors and top search engines;
  • Development of a promotion strategy;
  • Site audit and error correction;
  • Collection and elaboration of the semantic core;
  • Writing and optimizing content;
  • Analyzing and working with the site's reference profile;
  • Monthly reporting.

SEO audit of the site

This service implies a deep comprehensive site check for all the requirements of search engines. As a result, you get a complete list of all the problems on the site and a roadmap for their elimination.

Basic site optimization

A great option for a new website with a small budget for promotion. This one-time service will significantly improve the site's visibility in search engines and lay the foundation for a steady growth of visitors from organic search results. Optimization includes:

  • Site analysis and correction of major errors;
  • Adding a website to Yandex.Webmaster and Google Search Console;
  • Collection and elaboration of the semantic core;
  • Compilation and introduction of the main meta tags Title, Description and H1;
  • Making recommendations for further promotion;
  • Reporting.

Technical optimization

A package of services that will help solve technical problems that negatively affect the visibility or ranking of the site in search engines.
Optimization includes:

Complete technical analysis of the site and identification of all problems;
  • Checking and optimizing the site code;
  • Checking and optimizing the download speed;
  • Checking and updating the adaptive version of the site;
  • Reporting.
Users who visit the site are more likely to make orders and requests, thanks to clear navigation, structure and useful content. We monitor the conversion and work on improving it, give SEO recommendations or make changes ourselves, improving usability.


Working with a website for SEO promotion

"How do you do SEO?" customers ask after they learn about the work of search engine algorithms. We tell you what kind of work we do to ensure that the SEO of the site gives results to customers! The main SEO principle of Exit is that in order for the site to become the first, the client must have the best site in the niche!

Positions in the TOP

The cost of promoting a site by search queries depends on the actual positions of the site received — the cost of promoting each search query to the TOP is determined. The price is calculated based on the fact that the site is in the TOP for each request for each day.

SEO by leads

The cost of promotion with payment for "leads" depends on the competition of the market. At the beginning of the contract, the cost per request is determined! You will receive applications from the site, as we will work tirelessly to increase their number!

SEO traffic

The cost of traffic promotion depends on the number of targeted visitors brought to the site. There is a cost limit above which traffic is free!

Comprehensive promotion

Comprehensive work on the client's website and brand on the Internet: SEO + SERM + SMM + PR + PPL.
Having studied the audience and identified effective advertising channels, we will prepare a comprehensive promotion strategy with an optimal set of digital marketing tools aimed at increasing the presence of business on the network and increasing sales

How does SEO work and why are some sites higher than others in the Search engine?

The site's position in Yandex search results is influenced by hundreds of indicators called search algorithm ranking factors. They are conventionally divided into four types: internal, external, behavioral and personal.
Internal ranking factors
Internal ranking factors are the text of the site pages and the keywords contained therein, the html code of the pages and meta tags, the internal link structure of the site, etc.. Search engine algorithms "understand the meaning" of the text, synonyms, word forms and cases. This ensures that a meaningful response is given to any search query.

Do you have a project?

Please contact us if you are attracted to our creative services or if you would like to talk about the future needs of the project.
We are proud of every participation and every award we receive. This makes us improve and always research to achieve new goals.


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